We build and support bespoke business critical software.

20+ years experience working with price comparisons, utility brokers and SaaS businesses

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Why work with Factory3 ?

  • We've solved your problems already

    With over 20+ years working with price comparisons, utility brokers and SaaS businesses we will have seen and solved your problems before

  • Continuity & Long term support

    As our partners' teams change; we remain a constant presence. We support and continue to develop projects after go live allowing our clients to focus on their core business / product development

  • Delivery team as a service

    We provide the entire technical expertise from feature development to tech infrastructure that under pin a number of SaaS businesses. We are the technical / software delivery department


Applications fully managed and supported

5 years

Average length of client relationship


Datasources aggregated for our clients

6 SaaS businesses

Factory3 are the delivery team

Our approach

How we help solve your problems

Build Strong Relationships

We fully immerse ourselves in your team, embracing your strategy and mission. For many of our clients, we are the team's longest-standing members. For others, we serve as their dedicated and entire delivery team.

Highly Experienced Team

We are a team of seasoned polyglot product engineers. We invest in understanding our clients' business models and get immense satisfaction from empowering them to fulfil their mission.

Consistent Approach

By maintaining a consistent methodology across projects, we keep our team lean / efficient and ensure our clients receive exceptional value. This approach empowers us to consistently deliver outcomes that exceed expectations.

Platforms as a Service

We embrace 'Platforms as a Service' rather than reinventing the wheel. This empowers us to accelerate the development / deployment process, enabling us to focus on the essential project features. As a result, we deliver high-quality solutions that not only meet but also exceed our clients' objectives.

Rapid Feature Deployment

Right from the outset of our projects, we ensure there is a straightforward and repeatable feature delivery process. This method enables us to efficiently deliver value to our clients within days, rather than weeks or months

We say "NO"

We place utmost importance on assisting our clients in effectively prioritising their budget and requirements. Leveraging our extensive experience, we proactively challenge and push back on requirements that may pose potential problems. By doing so, we ensure that our clients make informed decisions, avoiding costly pitfalls and achieving their desired outcomes.

Success stories

Real-time cash flow analysis

Aggretates Business Energy contract and commission data from 100+ sources. This enables the Bionic finance team to understand monthly cash flows in a market with complex commission structures. A key component of the Bionic cash flow projections.

Broadband Availability API

High traffic API that aggregates 50+ data sources (manual / 3rd Party APIs) providing Real-time UK broadband availability at address and postcode level. Powers Moneysupermarket.com plus their extensive broadband partner network

SaaS Retail Productivity

Real-time platform empowering retailers to increase efficiency and maximise the value of the store estate. Used by 11,000+ retailers in 55 countries. Example brands Hugo Boss, Nespresso and Dobbies Garden Centres

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